Uthai Devi (2017)

ឧទ័យទេវី​ - Uthai Devi (2017)

One day, Samui Mala Escape from the underworld city to visit the city of humans And found love with the aggressive That resided in the trees by the pool When he was punished by Indra to go outside Himmapan forest. Samui Mala was pregnant, waiting to give birth to a egg. Therefore using a shaw wrapped and sprayed with poison before protecting the groundwater Incidentally, a toad came to eat the egg. But died of naga poison When the eggs hatch Was a girl, so thought that the toad was always a mother And live in there His grandmother, his wife, came fishing, paddled and saw him help him to grow up. Named it Uthai Thewi When Uthai Devi grew up Was met with Prince Sutra But the Grandmother has the requirement to build a golden bridge from the palace to the Grandmother's house And in the end, Uthai Devi married the prince But the prince had to marry Princess Chanthana as promised Princess Chanthana thought to get rid of Uthai Devi. But in the end, Uthai Devi was safe. And happily reigning in love with the prince...

Genre:  Adventure Drama Fantasy Asian Khmer Dubbed

Release: 2017

Source: Youtube

Quality: HD