The Secret of Birth (2013) khmer dubbed

ទឹកភ្នែកម្ដាយបាត់ការចងចាំ - The Secret of Birth (2013) khmer dubbed

Jung Yi-hyun is a genius, but she suffers from psychogenic amnesia and does not remember her husband and young daughter. Hong Gyung-doo is uneducated and poor, but he's a loving father to young Hae-deum, who's inherited her genius from her mother. Yi-hyun and Gyung-doo met just as both were on the brink of suicide, and they'd decided to choose life together. The drama is about Yi-hyun's journey to putting together the pieces of her lost memory with her husband's help, a man who seems completely unsuited for her...

Genre:  Drama Romance Asian Khmer Dubbed

Release: 2013

Source: Youtube

Quality: HD