The Golden Warrior & Princess (2004)

កាំបិតជញ្ជក់ឈាម - The Golden Warrior & Princess (2004)

Two brothers, Chen Kun and Chan Chi Pang share the same mother, but not the same father, lead different lives due to their father's different status. Chen Kun is raised with more opportunities because his father is a known general. Chan Chi Pang's father is a drunk, thus he always lives in his brother's shadow. But both brothers love each other, very much. Due to Chan Chi Pang's father, he is arranged a marriage where he must go live with the bride's family. However, the true bride passes away and they pick up a street rat to replace her, A-Baw Tsang. A-Baw is a rascal with her own agenda to find her missing sister from childhood, takes the money and pretends to be the new bride. She causes havoc, and ruins the wedding, and caused shame to both families. In order, to resolve the issues, both brothers get to spend two months with A-Baw to see who will develop true feelings for each other, and execute the engagement. This causes a rift for Chan Chi Pang, as A-Baw is suppose to be HIS wife.

Genre:  Adventure Drama Asian Khmer Dubbed

Release: 2004

Source: Youtube

Quality: HD