Big Thing (2010)

ស្រ្តីនឹងនយោបាយ - Big Thing (2010)

"Dae Mul" follows the career of Seo Hye-Rim (Ko Hyun-Jung])), a woman who becomes Korea's first female president. Seo Hye-Rim is a hot tempered woman who works as an announcer at a broadcasting company. Because she protests strongly against her husband's undeserved death she is fired by the broadcasting company. Then by election she becomes a member of the National Assembly for one year. After a success spell as provincial governor of Namhae County, Seo Hye-Rim becomes the first ever female president of South Korea. During her presidency Seo Hye-Rim faces impeachment due to the deemed humiliating diplomacy with China, but she is able to complete her presidency.She receives moral support and love from Ha Do-Ya (Kwon Sang-Woo). Ha Do-Ya (Kwon Sang-Woo) was a poor high school student, but after watching his dad ruined by a powerful man, Ha Do-Ya studies hard and becomes a prosecutor. Ha Do-Ya now works in a small town with only 3 prosecutors. He attempts to uphold the consciousness of the prosecuting office. He then becomes lead prosecutor to take the case of corruption in political higher power. Kang Tae-San's (Cha In-Pyo) father attempted 7 times to become a member of the National Assembly, but failed every time. Kang Tae-San then passes the civil service examination and the bar exam with flying colors. For a short time he works as a prosecutor and then becomes a politician. Due to his high ambitions, Kang Tae-San enters a marriage of convenience. His wife is a daughter of a powerful Chaebol group. Kang Tae-San leads the impeachment against President Seo Hye-Rim. Kang Tae-San also has a connection to the death of Ha Do-Ya's father. Jang Se-Jin (Lee Su-Kyeong) is a gallery director and curator of The Blue House's (President's residence) art collection. She is Kang Tae-San's lover and daughter of Lee Bae-Ho. She later helps Kang Tae-San dethroned Lee Bae-Ho from the chief position of a leading political party.

Genre:  Drama Asian

Release: 2010

Source: Youtube

Quality: HD