A Change of Heart (2013)

មហិច្ឆតានៃបេះដូង - A Change of Heart (2013)

The ruthless Fong Chi Lik suffers from congestive heart failure, and was fortunate to have good-hearted Yiu Yat San donate his heart to him. After the change of heart surgery, this evil man's personality changed drastically. When he recovered, he suddenly turned into a nice man. When Lik discovered Yat's "accidental" death involved him and his wife, he gets lost between love and righteousness; good and evil. Yat's younger brother Yiu Yuet San gets involved in a wrong and complicated relationship with his brother's girlfriend Yuen Siu Kat. Kat also develops a controversial relationship with Lik, which caused turbulence with her boyfriend.

Genre:  Drama Asian Khmer Dubbed

Release: 2013

Source: Youtube

Quality: HD